14. Zebra crossing sign and bus stop

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Pedestrian (zebra) crossings and bus stop

14.1. The driver of a vehicle approaching the unregulated pedestrian crossing <*>, is obliged to reduce speed or stop before going ahead, to let pedestrians crossing the road or stepped on it for the completion of the transition.

<*> Concept of regulated and unregulated pedestrian crossing is similar to the concepts of regulated and unregulated crossroad, written in paragraph 13.3. of the Rules.

14.2. If before unregulated pedestrian crossing the movement of a vehicle is slowed down or stopped, the drivers of other vehicles in the neighboring lanes, may continue the movement, after making sure that in front of the said vehicle there is no pedestrian.

14.3. On the controlled pedestrian crossings, on turning on of the green signal of the traffic light, the driver shall give the way to pedestrians to finish the crossing of the carriageway.

14.4. It is prohibited to enter the zebra crossing, if there is a jam beyond it, which will force the driver to stop on a pedestrian crossing.

14.5. In all cases, including those outside of the pedestrian crossing, the driver is obliged to give way to the blind pedestrians, giving a signal with a (white) cane.

14.6. The driver must give way to the pedestrians, coming to standing en-route vehicle on the bus stop or from it (from the door side), if the embarkation and disembarkation are carried out on the road or from the bus stop located on it.

14.7. Approaching the standing vehicle, which has the token “Transportation of children” , the driver must slow down, if necessary, stop and give way to the children.

* – The concept of regulated and unregulated pedestrian crossing is similar to concepts of regulated and unregulated crossroad, specified in the paragraph 13.3 of the Rules.