– Vertical road markings and signs

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Vertical marking and signs

Vertical markings in the form of a combination of black and white stripes on the road constructions and elements of equipment of road – shows their dimensions and serves as a means of visual orientation.

2.1.1 – 2.1.3 – indicates the elements of a road facilities (supports of bridges, overpasses, the mechanical parts of the barrier wall and the like), when these elements are dangerous for the moving vehicles;

2.2 – identifies the bottom edge of the stage building of tunnels, bridges and overpasses;

2.3 – indicates round columns, set on dividing lines or the security islands;


2.4 – indicates guiding columns, obstacles, pillars, fences and the like;

2.5 – indicates the sides of the road barricades on curvatures of small radius, steep slopes, and other dangerous areas;

2.6 – indicates the sides of the road barricades in other areas;

2.7 – indicates borders in hazardous areas and the towering areas of security islands.