19. the Use of external lighting system and sound signals

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The use of external lighting system and sound signals

19.1. In the dark time of the night and in poor visibility conditions irrespective of the lighting of the road, as well as in tunnels, the following lighting devices must be switched on on a moving vehicle:

  • on all motor vehicles and mopeds – high beam or low beam headlight, on bicycles – headlights or torch lights, on animal-drawn carts – lights (if available);
  • on the trailers and towed motor vehicles – tail lights.

19.2. High beam should be switched to the lower:

  • in the built-up area, if the road is illuminated;
  • for a counter-passing at a distance of not less than 150 m to the vehicle, and even with a larger distance, if the driver of the oncoming vehicle by periodic switching of headlights will show the necessity of this;
  • in any other cases to exclude the possibility of blinding of drivers of opposite as well as the same direction;
  • if blinded, the driver must turn on warning lights (parking lights), and without changing the lane, reduce the speed or stop.

19.3. When stopping and parking in the dark time of the night or on unlit roads, as well as in poor visibility conditions, the vehicle should have parking lights switched on. In the conditions of insufficient visibility in addition to the parking lights, low beam headlights, front fog lights and rear fog lights can also be switched on.

19.4. Fog lamps may be used:

  • in the conditions of insufficient visibility with the high or low beam headlights;
  • in the dark time of the night on unlit roads together with the high or low beam headlights;
  • with the low beam headlights in accordance with the paragraph 19.5 of the Rules.

19.5. When driving in daylight hours, to indicate a vehicle low beam headlights must be turned on:

  • on motorcycles and mopeds;
  • when moving in the organized transport column;
  • the fixed-route vehicles moving on specially allocated lane opposite the main flow of traffic;
  • the organized transportation of groups of children;
  • in the vehicles carrying dangerous, oversized and heavy cargoes;
  • when towing mechanical vehicles (on the towing vehicle);
  • when driving outside of the built-up area.

19.6. The projector lights and search lights may be used only outside the built-up area in the absence of oncoming vehicles. In the built-up area such lights may only be used by drivers of vehicles, equipped in accordance with established procedures, beacons of red or blue light and special sound signals, during the implementation of urgent service task.

19.7. Rear fog lamps may be used only in the conditions of insufficient visibility. It is forbidden to connect the rear fog lamps to stop signals.

19.8. Audio signals (horn) can only be used:

  • for warning other drivers on the intention to overtake outside of the built-up area;
  • in cases when it is necessary for prevention of road accidents.

19.9. For the warning of overtaking instead of the sound signal (or together with it) the light signal can be used, which represents in the daytime – intermittent short-term turning on and off of the headlights, and in the dark time of night – multiple switching of the headlights from the low to the high beam.