22. Transportation of people

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Transportation of people

22.1. Driver transporting people in the back of the truck must have a driving license of category “HTV” and the experience of driving of vehicles of this category for more than 3 years.

Note. Permission of military drivers for the carriage of people in the trucks is carried out in the prescribed order.

22.2. Transporting people in the back of the truck with side platform is permitted, if it is equipped in accordance with the basic provisions, the transportation of children is allowed only in exceptional cases.

22.3. The number of transported people in the back of the truck, as well as the cabin of the bus, carrying out transportation on inter-city and mountain, the tourist or the tour route, and the organized transport of groups of children, should not exceed the number of seats equipped for sitting.

22.4. Before the trip, the driver of the vehicle shall instruct passengers about the order of embarkation, disembarkation and sitting in the back of the truck.

The movement can only be begun after the driver is satisfied that the conditions for the safe transportation of passengers are provided.

22.5. Traveling in the back of the truck with side platform, not equipped for the transport of persons, is permitted only for persons accompanying the cargo or following after its reception, provided that they are provided with a place for sitting, located below the level of the side walls.

22.6. Organized transportation of groups of children should be carried out in accordance with special regulations in a bus or truck with a body-wagon, with markings of “Transportation of children” . At the same time an adult attendant must be with the children.

22.7. The driver is obliged to carry out embarkation and disembarkation of passengers only after a full stop of the vehicle, and to begin the movement only with closed doors and do not open them up to a full stop.

22.8. It is prohibited to carry people:

  • outside the cabin of the vehicle (except in cases of transportation of people in the back of the truck with side platform, or in the back of a truck with body-wagon), tractor, other self-propelled machines, in the back of a cargo trailer, the trailer for farm house, in the cabin of a freight motorcycle and outside of the seats provided by the design of a motorcycle;
  • in excess of the quantity specified in the technical characteristics of the vehicle.

22.9. Transportation of children is permitted under condition of provision of their safety with consideration of peculiarities of the structure of the vehicle.

Transportation of children up to 12 years of age in the vehicles equipped with safety belts, should be carried out with the use of child restraints according to the height and weight of the child, or other means to fasten the child with the help of safety belts provided by the design of the vehicle, and in the front seat of the car – only with the use of child restraints.

It is prohibited to carry children up to 12 years of age on the back seat of a motorcycle.