– Transportation of children up to 12 years in the car

Rule 22.9: Transportation of children is permitted under condition of provision of their safety with consideration of peculiarities of the structure of the vehicle.

Transportation of children up to 12 years of age in the vehicles equipped with safety belts, should be carried out with the use of child restraints according to the height and weight of the child, or other means to fasten the child with the help of safety belts provided by the design of the vehicle, and in the front seat of the car – only with the use of child restraints.

It is prohibited to carry children up to 12 years of age on the back seat of a motorcycle.


Under other means to fasten the child, means any restraints, even made by own hands and appropriate with height and weight of the child. Any design of vehicle provide such a possibility. There is no such car, in which it is not possible to provide attachment of restraint devices.

Often we see that the child is traveling, sitting comfortably in the hands of the parents. In fact such carriage is considered to be the most dangerous. The need to use special child restraint is due to the fact that, in the event of heavy braking (impact) with a speed of 50 km/h the weight of the child increases approximately 30 times. At this moment keeping the child safe from a sharp blow on the front seat or the windshield is practically impossible. In addition, if the adult is holding the baby in his arms, he may crush the child with his weight.

Why up to 12 years? Use of regular seat belts is not suitable for children, as are designed for passengers with a height from 150 cm. If fasten the child, as an adult, the diagonal section of the belt, which passes on an adult over his shoulder, the child will inevitably get caught in the region of the neck or head, that in the event of heavy braking will lead to serious injury or death.



The group chairs                       Weight of the child                   Age of child (approximately)
0                                                     0-10 kg                                         0-1 year
0+                                                   0-13 kg                                         0-1,5 years
1                                                     9-18 kg                                         1-4 years
2                                                     15-25 kg                                       3-7 years
3                                                     22-36 kg                                       6-10 years

The seat of the group 0 and 0+ is designed for newborns. They provide a reclining position, with soft tabs and internal safety belts, shall be established with face against the movement.

Group 0+ 1 seats, with their own safety belts and several of the tilt positions.

Group 2 and 3 are suitable for older children. The headrest “grows” together with the child, and the back can be later removed, leaving only the seat-booster. Baby wears regular car seat belts.

ALWAYS Buy seat after trying it first.

A little statistics:

The most unprotected in car accidents are the children: crash-tests show that the ordinary car seats and provided by the design the seat belts do not ensure protection of passenger with growth of less than 135 cm — on frontal collisions small passenger easily slides out from under the belt! Even airbag is not able to protect them from injury, because it is designed to fit the adult passenger. Moreover, cushion can, if not kill the child, then surely seriously hurt.

Only in 1 month on the roads about 34000 ACCIDENTS takes place. In the absence of a child seat in the car every sixth child is killed, and every third remains disabled for life… Special child restraint in such situations almost 100% guarantee the safety of the child!

Our own opinions:

Child restraint – it is a mean of survival.

In our opinion, the penalty for unfasten child should be set to the value of the average child car seats (10,000 rupees) so that the foolish drivers could not compare the life of a child with a fine of 100 rupees, as is now (let compare it with the cost of the car seat). And especially cynical parents, who argue that it is their personal business – fasten or not fasten the child, subject to more severe penalties, up to forced psychiatric treatment.

A bit crude, but dissenters can argue on this topic with any of the THOUSAND parents who lost their children by their own fault.

For all the sensible drivers: THE CHILD SHOULD BE ALWAYS STRAPPED with special child restraints either in the rear, or on the front seat (options are given above).