23. Transportation of cargo by road

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Transportation of cargoes

23.1. Mass of the transported cargo and distribution of axle load should not exceed the amount set by the manufacturer of the vehicle.

23.2. Before and during the movement the driver is required to control the placement, fastening and condition of the cargo in order to prevent its fall, and thus creating interference for the movement.

23.3. Transportation of cargo is allowed provided that it:

  • does not limit the drivers view;
  • does not make difficult the control, and does not destabilize the stability of the vehicle;
  • do not close the external lighting fixtures and light reflectors, registration number and identification marks, and also does not block the veiw of signals given by hand;
  • does not create noise and dust and does not pollute the road and the environment.

If the condition and placement of the cargo does not meet the specified requirements, the driver is obliged to take measures to eliminate violations of the listed rules of carriage or to stop the further movement.

23.4. Cargo that overhang beyond the dimensions of the vehicle from the rear for more than 1.2 m, must be marked with “Bulky goods” , and in the dark time of the night and in poor visibility conditions, in addition, have at behind – lantern or reflectors of red color. Cargo shall not overhang from the front beyond the foremost part of the vehicle or laterally beyond the side of the body or beyond a vertical plain in prolongation of the side of the body.

23.5. Transportation of heavy and dangerous cargoes, the movement of the vehicle the overall parameters of which with a cargo or without it exceed 2.55 m in width (2.6 m for refrigerators and isotherm bodies), height of 3.4 m from the surface of the roadway, in length (including one trailer) 20 m, or the movement of the vehicle with cargo, overhanging from the rear point of the size of the vehicle for more than 1.8 m, and also the movement of the motor-vehicle trains with two or more trailers shall be in accordance with special rules.

International road transportation are carried out in accordance with the requirements of the transport and transportation rules, established by the international treaties of the Republic of India.