17. Traffic in residential areas

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Movement in residential areas

17.1. In a residential area, that is in the territory, the entrances to and exits from which is marked with signs 5.21  and 5.22 , pedestrians are allowed to move on the pavement, and on the road. In a residential area pedestrians have the advantage, however, they should not create unjustified obstacles to the movement of vehicles.

17.2. In a residential area it is prohibited to – trespass, training ride, parking with the engine running, as well as parking lorries with a permissible maximum mass of more than 3.5 tonnes outside specially assigned and marked with signs and/or markings places.

17.3. When leaving the residential area drivers must give way to other traffic participants.

17.4. The requirements in this section also apply to domestic (closed) territories.

17.5. The speed of  vehicle in the residential areas shall not exceed 20 km/h.