– TRACTOR – definition, types of tractors

Tractors – vehicles designed mainly for other transport vehicles, devices or the goods, regardless of whether or not they have additional devices, in conjunction with the main purpose of the tractor, for the transport of tools, seeds, fertilizers and other cargo…

Tractor  – road vehicle, used as a towing or pushing unit. It has a low speed and great traction force. Widely used in agriculture for ploughing, and the movement of non-self-propelled machines and instruments. The tractor can be equipped with hinged and polyhinged equipment of agricultural, construction or industrial application (for example, drilling equipment).

Types of tractors:

The two main types of tractors: wheeled tractor, crawler tractor.

Depending on the purpose: the agricultural tractor, industrial tractor, skidding tractor, army tractor.

Source: Wikipedia

Machine-tractor unit – a combination of the energy part (tractors, self-propelled chassis), transfer mechanism and machine tool (tools)…

According To THE TRAFFIC RULES : on  the highways the movement of tractors and self-propelled machines, the speed of which on the technical characteristics, or their state is less than 40 km/h is prohibited;