— 2.1. the Main road sign

Sign 2.1Sign 2.2


The main road sign

Sign 2.1The main road” is set in the beginning of the section of the road with the preferential right to travel on non-regulated crossroads.

In the built-up area the sign is set before each intersection on the main road. Before uncontrolled intersections, on which the main road runs in the straight direction, and the crossing road has no more than four lanes, it is allowed to install the sign of size 350х350 mm.

In the built-up area the sign is not allowed to  install on the opposite side of the road where secondary road joins the main.

Sign 2.1 with sign 8.13 is set before the crossroads, at which the main road changes its direction, as well as on the crossroads with complex layout. In the built-up area sign 2.1 with sign 8.13 is installed just before the crossroads, and outside of built-up areas – before at a distance of 150-300 m to the crossroad and just before the crossroads .

At junctions with several carriageway the sign is installed in front of each intersection where it is not possible to correctly identify the primacy of the roads.