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Sign 4.1.1- Move straight

Sign 4.1.1

Move straight

Sign 4.1.1- Move right

Road sign 4.1.1 "Move straight" is used for the allowance of the movement at the next crossing in the direction of the arrow on the sign, i.e. straight.

Action sign 4.1.1 does not apply to fixed-route vehicles.

If for traffic control at the crossroads, both the regulating signs 4.1.1- 4.1.5, and prohibiting signs 3.18.1 and 3.18.2 can be used, regulating signs should be used.

Sign 4.1.1"Move straight" is also used to forbid U turn in interuptions of the dividing lane on the strech of road between intersections. In such situation the sign is placed only on the dividing lane

If necessary sign 4.1.1 may be used to duplicate the marking 1.1 or 1.3, separating opposing flows of vehicles, with a sign placed directly at the start of the road. The action of the sign in this case extends to the nearest intersection.

On roads with two or more lanes for moving straight, backup sign 4.1.1 is installed on the right lane, on the road with a dividing lane - on the dividing lane, and on the road without a dividing lane and the number of lanes for oncoming traffic not more than two duplicate sign is allowed on the right side of the road.