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Sign 3.1- Entry is forbidden

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Entry is forbidden

Sign 3.1- Entry is forbidden

Sign 3.1 "Entry is forbidden" is set:

- on roads and carriageways with one-way traffic to prohibit the movement of vehicles in the opposite direction. On roads with several carriageway, separated from each other by boulevard or a dividing strip, the sign isl set at each of the roadway with one-way traffic;

- on the road marked with sign 5.11, to prevent the entry of vehicles from meeting the general flow;

- for the organization of separate entry and exit at the sites for parking vehicles, recreation sites, gas stations, etc.;

- to prohibit the entry on a separate lane or a separate section of the road.

Sign forbidding the entry on a separate lane, is set with sign 8.14.

On the intersections at different levels joined by single lane with one-way trafffic, sign may be set on the right.

If the main sign is set on the stretch of road between two intersections, in the beginning of the strech preliminary sign 3.1 with sign 8.1.1 is placed.

It is not allowed to apply sign 3.1 with signs 8.3.1 - 8.3.3 and 8.4.1 - 8.4.8.