– 6. Road Information signs in traffic

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Information signs

Information signs shall inform about the location of built-up areas and other objects, and also about established or about recommended modes of movement.

“General maximum speed limit”
General speed limits set by the Rules of the road of the Republic of India.

“Recommended speed”
The speed with which it is recommended that traffic on this section of road moves. The zone of action acts upto the nearest intersection, and in the case of application of sign 6.2 together with the warning sign, zone of action is determined by the length of the dangerous section.


“A place for U turn”
Right turn prohibited.
“The zone for U turn”
The length of the zone for U turn.
Right turn prohibited.


“Parking place” “The lane for the emergency stop”
Lane for emergency stop on a steep downhill.


“The underground pedestrian crossing” “Overhead pedestrian crossing”



“A Dead End”
The road that has no through passage.


Preliminary indicator of the directions “Preliminary indicator of the direction”
Driving directions to the built-up areas and other objects indicated on the sign. The signs can be marked with image of sign 6.14.1, symbols of the highway, the airport and other icons. On the sign 6.9.1 images of other signs informing about the peculiarities of the movement can be marked up. In the lower part of the sign 6.9.1 distance is specified from the place of installation of the sign to the junction or to start of slowing down lane.

Sign 6.9.1 is also used to indicate the detour routes of road, on which one of the prohibition signs 3.11- 3.15 is installed.

“The diagram of movement”
The route of movement if individual maneuver is banned on
a crossroad or permitted directions of movement on a complex crossroad.


“Directions board” “Direction board”
Driving directions to points of the route. On the sign, the distance to objects marked on it (km) can be shown, can be marked with the symbols of the highway, the airport and other icons.


“The name of the object”
The name of the object other than location (river, lake, the landmark, etc.)
“Distance board”
Distance (km) to the built-up area located on the route.

“Kilometre sign”
Distance (km) to the beginning or the end of the road.


“The number of the route”
6.14.1- a number assigned to road (route); 6.14.2- number and direction of the road (route).



“The direction of the movement for trucks”
The recommended direction for trucks, tractors and self-propelled machines, if at the crossroads their movement in one of the directions is prohibited.

“Stop line”
The place of the vehicles to stop on the prohibiting signal of the traffic light (controller).

“The scheme of detour”
Route detour, road temporarily closed to traffic.



“The direction of detour”
The direction of the detour road temporarily closed to traffic.


“Preliminary sign of compulsory changing the lane to the other carriageway”
The direction of the detour on closed to traffic area of the roadway on the road with a dividing lane or direction of movement to return back to the right roadway.
Sign 6.20.1 and 6.20.2 “Emergency exit”.
Indicates the place of emergency exit in the tunnel.
Sign 6.21.1 and 6.21.2 “Way to emergency exit”. Indicates the direction to the emergency exit and the distance to it.

On the signs 6.9.1, 6.9.2, 6.10.1 and 6.10.2 outside the built-up area, green or blue background means that the movement to the built-up area or the object will be carried out, respectively, on the highway or the other road. On the signs 6.9.1, 6.9.2, 6.10.1 and 6.10.2, established in the built-up area, inserted with background green or blue color means, that after exit from the built-up area, movement to the place or object indicated will be carried out, respectively, on the highway or the other road; a white background means that the specified object is in this built-up area.