24. Additional requirements for the movement of bicycles, mopeds, animal-drawn vehicles, as well as passage of animals

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Additional requirements for the movement of the bicycle, mopeds, animal-drawn vehicles, as well as passage of animals

24.1. Driving of bicycle, animal-drawn cart (sleigh), riding of luggage pack or saddle animals, or of the flock, on the road is permitted to persons not younger than 14 years, and bicycle – not younger than 16 years of age.

24.2. Bicycles, mopeds, horse-drawn carts (sledge), riding of luggage pack animals should only move on the far left lane in one row. Movement is allowed on the roadside, if it does not interfere with pedestrians.

Columns of bicycles, animal-drawn carts (sleigh), riding of luggage pack animals when moving along the carriageway should be divided into groups of 10 cyclists, riding of 5 luggage pack animals, and 5 carts (sleigh). To facilitate overtaking the distance between the groups must be 80 – 100 m.

24.3. Drivers of bicycle are prohibited:

  • to ride, not holding the handle with at least one hand;
  • transportation of passengers, in addition to the child in the age of up to 7 years on an extra seat in front, equipped with reliable footboards and one at the back on an extra seat;
  • to transport cargo, which overhangs by more than 0.5 m in length or width of the dimensions, or interfere riding;
  • to move on the road in the presence of a bicycle path;
  • to turn right or U-turn on the road with tram traffic on the road, or with more than one lane for the traffic in this direction;

It is prohibited to tow bicycles and mopeds, and towing by bicycles and mopeds, except towing a trailer, intended for operation with the bicycle or moped.

24.4. On the unregulated crossing of the path of the road and bicycle path, located outside the intersection, drivers of bicycles should give way to vehicles travelling on the road.

The driver of animal-drawn carts (sleigh) at the entrance on the road from the adjacent territory or from secondary roads in places with limited visibility should keep the animals in bridle.

24.5. The animals on the road should be transported, as a rule, in the daytime. The driver should guide the animals as close as possible to the left edge of the road.

24.6. When crossing the railway track, the flock of animals must be divided into groups in such a number, that with regard to the number of drivers,  safe crossing of each group can be provided.

24.7. Drivers of animal-drawn carts (sleigh), drivers of luggage packed animals, riding animals and livestock, are prohibited:

  • to leave animals on the road without supervision;
  • to chase animals across the railway line and the road outside specially designated places, and also in the dark time of the night and in poor visibility conditions (except for the cattle drives on different levels);
  • to keep animals on the road with asphalt and cement concrete pavement in the presence of other ways.