18. Public transport priority

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The priority of the public transport

18.1. Beyond the intersection (crossroads), where the tram crosses the carriageway, the tram has an advantage over other means of transport, except in cases of departure from the depot.

18.2. On the road with the lane for fixed-route vehicles, marked with signs 5.11 , 5.13.1 , 5.13.2 , 5.14 , the movement and stopping of other vehicles in this lane is prohibited.

If this lane is separated from the rest of the carriageway by the broken line markup, then before the turn other means of transport may move in this lane. It is allowed to take this lane when entering the road and as well as for embarkation and disembarkation of the passengers at the left edge of the roadway, on condition that this does not interfere with the fixed-route means of transport.

18.3. In the built-up areas driver must give way to buses, starting movement from the designated stop. The drivers of buses may start moving only after they are satisfied that they are given way.