– Overspeeding and what to do

Exceeding the established speed of movement of the vehicle attracts imposing of the administrative penalty.

As a rule, in the protocols the inspectors point out that “speed is fixed by device for conduction of measurements”. In accordance with the norms, under the special technical equipment means measuring instruments, approved in the established procedure as the means of measurements, having relevant certificates and have passed the metro logical verification.

Do not forget, if the inspector tells you that you have violated the traffic rules, then you can always disagree with him and subject him to the arguments of the doubt. If the traffic police inspector shows you the display radar, and speed is indicated, do not be in a hurry to agree, You’re not alone on the road. It is quite possible that the speed recorded on the device, is not yours, but the car which was driving in front of you. It is possible that the device does not shows the speed at this moment. The fact is that there are devices with display, on which alternately information about the speed, time, time past from the moment of its determination, the maximum allowable value of the speed for that section of the road is displayed. Sometimes inspectors are unable to understand the technology, and that’s why you become a victim of arbitrariness.

There are a number of reasons, for which the radar indications can be considered unreliable. For example, the inspector measures your speed through the glass of his car or from a stationary post of the traffic police. Such actions may make errors in the measurement of the speed of the device. You have the right to demand from the inspectors, that he protocols his actions (measured speed of the car, the distance to the car at the moment of measurement), as it can affect the consideration of the case.

Perhaps the most objective, but not the most popular among the traffic police is a special equipment with a digital image, which captures your speed and your car on the monitor and in the real-time mode keeps a record of your breach of law.

There is a possibility that the device does not cope with its task and fix the car on which the registration mark is not visible. Such a fixation of the offense by the inspector of traffic police also may not serve as evidence in a case concerning an administrative offense.

We hope that the above information will help you not get lost when you are stopped by inspector of traffic police, and you will be able to correctly and competently build your defensive  position.