– Other elements of construction design under which use of vehicle is prohibited

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Other elements of construction design

It is prohibited to use the vehicle if:

7.1. The quantity, location and grade of the rear mirrors do not correspond to the IS, the glass provided by the design of the vehicle (factory fitted) is missing.

7.2. Sound signal does not work.

7.3. Additional items installed or coatings applied, limits the visibility from the driver’s seat.

Note. On the upper part of the windscreen of cars and buses – transparent color film can be attached. It is allowed to use tinted glass (except mirror), which corresponds to the IS. It is permitted to use the curtains on the windows of tourist buses, as well as the curtains on the back windows of passenger cars in the presence of mirrors on both the sides.

7.4. The locks of the cabin doors, locking system of sides of the cargo platform, lock of fuel tanks, mechanism to adjust the driver’s seat, the emergency switch off of the door and stop signal in the passenger compartment of the bus, devices of internal lighting of the passenger compartment of the bus, emergency exits and devices putting them into effect, actuator to control doors, speedometer, tachograph, anti-theft devices, devices of heating and blow-off of the windshield provided by the design do not work.

7.5. There are no  rear protection device (bumper), mudguards stipulated by the design.

7.6. Defective traction-coupling and the rely-coupling device of the tractive unit and towing chain, and there are also missing or defective stipulated in their design safety ropes (chains). There is free play in the junction of the frame of motorcycle with frame of side trailer.

7.7. Missing:

  • in bus, car, cargo vechiles, tractors – first aid kit, fire extinguisher, warning triangle in accordance with IS;
  • in cargo vehicles with a permissible maximum mass of more than 3.5 tonnes and buses with a permissible maximum mass exceeding 5 t – wheel chocks stop (should be not less than two);
  • on a motorcycle with a lateral trailer – first aid kit, warning triangle as per IS.

7.8. Unauthorized equipment of vehicles with identification mark of the government of India, flashing beacons and (or) special sound signals or presence on the outer surfaces of vehicles special color-graphical schemes, inscriptions and symbols that do not conform to the state standards of the Republic of India.

7.9. There are no seat belts and (or) the head restraints of seats, if its installation is stipulated by the design of the vehicle.

7.10. Seat belts are not functional or have a visible tear on the strap.

7.11. The spare tyre holder, winch and the mechanism of lifting – lowering of the spare wheel is not working. Ratchet device of winches does not fix the drum with the fixing rope.

7.12. On the semitrailer the supporting device, support fixing the transport, support lifting and lowering mechanism is missing or defective.

7.13. Tightness of seals and connections of engine, transmission, onboard gearbox, rear axle, clutch, battery, cooling systems and air conditioning and additionally installed hydraulic devices on the vehicle is defective.

7.14. Technical parameters specified on the outer surface of gas cylinders of vehicles and buses equipped with gas supply system, do not meet that in the technical passport, the date of the last and the planned examination is missing.

7.15. State registration number plate of the vehicle or the method of its installation does not meet the IS.

7.16. On the motorcycle safety arc provided by the design is missing.

7.17. On motorcycles and mopeds foot rest, cross-handles for passengers provided by the design is missing.

7.18. In the vehicle the construction design is changed without the permission of the State transport authority or other bodies determined by the Government.