— 3.2- Movement is forbidden

Sign 3.1 Sign 3.2


Movement is forbidden

Sign 3.2Movement is forbidden” is used to prohibit the movement of all vehicles on certain roads.

Sign 3.2 is set on each entry on the section of the road or of the territory, which prohibit the movement of vehicles. On the entry from the side roads, sign 3.2 is used with one of the tags 8.3.1-8.3.3

Action of sign 3.2 does not apply to fixed-route vehicles.

Action of sign 3.2 does not apply to vehicles driven by persons with disabilities of I and II groups or those carrying such persons with disabilities.

Action sign 3.2 does not apply to the appropriate vehicles serving the enterprise, located in the designated area, serving (or belonging to citizens(s), living or employed in this area, as well as on vechile of post office. Such vehicles must enter in this zone and out of it – from the nearest crossroad.