– How to select a scooter

How to select a scooter?

You have decided to buy a scooter but not yet decided with a choice. For a person who for the first time acquires a scooter it is not so easy to decide, what kind of equipment to purchase…

The choice of a scooter, like any other technology, in particular on two wheels is purely individual, which must suit the characteristics of the person, who acquires a scooter.

Answering a number of questions, there will be a common idea of what equipment you want:
a) you are getting a scooter for self or the children?
b) For what purposes you are buying a scooter?
c) the kind of roads mainly you will drive on (main road, village road)
d) is single seat scooter enough for you?
e) What amount of money you plan to spend on the scooter?

Having answered these questions, it is possible to choose the appropriate model of the scooter.

Information: Scooter is a type of motorcycle with engine back under the seat.

Scooters are of several types:
– Urban (compact with a small diameter of wheels)’
– Tourist (large comfortable for long-distance trips on good asphalt roads).
– Sport (race).
– Country roads (with large wheels for dirty roads).
– Off-road (with large tyres and off-road tread rubber).

Source: Wikipedia

Today in the large cities there is a great choice of technique. Famous among them are scooters of Japanese production, volume of the engine of which reaches 50см3. Japanese technology differs with perfect quality, which to this day have not been achieved by other manufacturers. As well as a wide range of spare parts at affordable prices, allows us to assume that the technical equipment of the Japanese manufacturer is the best choice to buy.

Euro scooters are bigger and more expensive than Japanese models. Production of European manufacturers makes the equipment more whimsical, moreover, in India the euro spare parts are not widely available. Chinese model is of very low quality, in order to seriously talk about them.

The Trademark Yamaha, Honda and Suzuki are Japanese.
If you give priority to driving on country roads, then choose a scooter with a high location of the air filter.
The air filter is located on the front fork of the scooter.
The higher the air filter, the less it will chock by the dust of rural roads, the same fork must be pendulum, this feature allows to take up shocks when driving on uneven roads. Telescopic fork is transmitted to the steering wheel at the slightest irregularities. There is also reinforced telescopic fork, designed for all types of roads.
However, this fork is installed on expensive models of scooters.
For rural roads it is important to have robustness and sustainability of the scooter. Model Honda Lead and Honda Tact have pendulum fork and are sufficiently reliable in the conditions of the terrain.

To drive around the city it becomes important to have such parameters as the rapid acceleration and high speed. Desirable telescopic front fork and disc brakes. Many models of Yamaha comply with this requirements.

If you love to travel in the company, one-and-a-half model is for you, on which you can ride together. These include Suzuki Address and Honda Lead.

The price of the scooter mainly depends on the modernity of model.
The modern the model, the more expensive, even if on the technical side, has undergone very few changes.
Prices of scooter range from 15,000 rupees for the used model and can reach 200,000 rupees on the new improved model.