– Documents of the driver

The driver of a mechanical transport vehicle must have with self and on request of the police hand over (original documents) to them to check  the following documents (according to Rules of the road. Section 2 – General responsibilities of the drivers):

1. driving license as the right of driving the vehicle of the relevant category, and in the event of confiscation, temporary driving permit in accordance with established procedures;

2. registration certificate and pollution checkup certificate of this vehicle, and in the presence of a trailer and the trailer;

3. document, confirming the right of possession, or use, or disposition of the vehicle, and in the presence of a trailer and the trailer, in the case of control of vehicle in the absence of its owner;

4. in the required cases – route sheet and the documents for the cargo, fitness certificate, permit, drivers and conductors license and badge, and during the transportation of large-sized, heavy and dangerous cargoes – documents, required for the transport of these goods;

5. insurance policy of obligatory third party insurance of the vehicle.

6. In the cases, directly stipulated by the current legislation, to have and to handover to the employees of the state transport authority, to check the route sheet and commodity-transport documents.

The driver of a mechanical transport vehicle, participating in international traffic, shall be obliged to:

1. be in possession of registration documents of the vehicle (when a trailer and the trailer) and international driver’s license, and the relevant Conventions of road traffic;

2. have on this vehicle (when a trailer and the trailer) registration number and identification symbols of the country in which it is registered.

3. stop on request of employees of the state transport authority in specially designated checkpoints (road sign 7.14 ) and submit the vehicle for check, as well as permits and other documents, stipulated by the international treaties of the Republic of India.

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