– How to choose a Bicycle

Which bicycle to buy? – various types of bicycles and their characteristics…

First you need to decide the purpose of use of the bike. There are several basic types of bicycles. The mountain bicycles, touring bicycles, high-speed bicycles and bicycles for freestyle.

If you want to travel by bicycle or just to go to work, you may want a tourist bicycle. They mainly have a classical frame, front shock absorber to cushion the ride through the pitches ( may also have shock absorber under seat, for more comfort ) and a standard transmission. This bicycle is better to take with aluminum frame – this will greatly facilitate the travel than if you buy a bicycle with a steel frame. In general, aluminum is practically the perfect material for frames, as it is much lighter than steel.

Bicycle – means of transport, except for wheelchairs, having two wheels or more and powered by the muscular power of the people that are on it.

For trips on the road-less tracks, a mountain bike with a wide tread, reinforced front shock absorber ( and you can also select with rear shock absorber ) and with aluminium frame will be a good  choice for you.

High-speed bicycle is for you if you decide to participate in races or just love fast driving. Such bikes are designed only for travel on the highway and are lightweight equiped, tapered tread and has a large number of speeds. Note: Bicycle is not allowed on highways in India.

Bicycles for freestyle may be of different size, depending on the tricks. There are small bikes, BMX and normal size with understated seats or even without them. For these bikes the best, the strongest is considered  the titanium frame. Also they are fitted with double rim for rigidity when jumping.

What kind of bike is for you, depends on your character.