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Section 5 - Duties of passengers

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The duties of passengers

5.1. Passengers are obliged to:

  • when travelling in a vehicle equipped with safety belts, fasten them, and when travelling on a motorcycle - wear strapped helmet;
  • entry and exit from the vechile is done from the side of the pavement or roadside and only after a full stop of the vehicle.

If the embarkation and disembarkation is impossible from the side of the pavement or roadside, they can be carried out from the side of the carriageway, on the condition that it will be safe and will not create interference to other traffic participants.

5.2. Passengers are forbidden to:

  • distract the driver of the vehicle during the movement;
  • stand, sit on the side wall or on the cargo above the side wall level when travelling in the back of the truck;
  • open the door of the vehicle at the time of its movement.

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