21. Learning of vehicle

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Learning of vehicle

21.1. The initial training of drivers of vehicles should be carried out in closed areas or autocross.

21.2. Training ride on the roads shall be allowed only with the trainer and after the trainees initial skills of driving. The trainee is obliged to know and observe the requirements of the Rules.

21.3. Trainer should have with self the document of the right to teach driving vehicle of this category, as well as a certificate of the right of control of the vehicle of this category.

21.4. The trainee in the car must be at least 18 years old, and on a motorcycle not less than 16 years.

21.5. Mechanical vehicle, on which teaching is carried out, shall be equipped in accordance with the paragraph 5 of the basic provisions and have the markings of “Training vehicle”.

21.6. It is forbidden to carryout training ride on the roads, the list of which is declared in accordance with established procedure.