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TONING. Tinting car windows

Note: As per The Supreme court order, starting from 04 June 2012, tinted films of any percentage is illegal all over India.

PHOTO - Tinting car windows - Toning of glass auto, carsTinting car windows is quite a popular technology. What is the reason for its massive use?

The main function of toning of glasses is protection from the blinding sunlight and bright headlights in the process of driving. Also toning prevents the rapid heating of the passenger compartment during hot weather, while maintaining a small amount of cool atmosphere. These characteristics allow the driver and passengers feel a lot more comfortable.

Toning also reduces the possibility of burning of parts of the interior of your car. Preserves the original appearance of the interior. A very important role toning plays in an ACCIDENT, after all, the glass does not scatter at the driver and passengers, creating a threat to life, and will remain on the film as a single canvas. Tinted glass is a little harder to break.

Another positive moment when installing tinted glass can be considered as the protection of the passenger compartment from the people passing by. After all, if you do not see what there is in the passenger compartment, the likelihood of theft is reduced significantly. No one except you will know what is in the vehicle.

In addition to all the listed functions toning externally decorates your car. Picking up the hue of toning under colour of a car you can embellish style in a more strict or, on the contrary, in sports.

And the main thing, that even the most toning glass does not reduce the visibility from inside the car. But all the same we do not recommend to stick on the glass painted cellophane bought in the market at a low price.

Requirements and acceptable norms of toning.

This question regulates IS 2553 (part 2) :1992 "Safety glass – Specification". It is said that light transmission of:

  • windscreens of vehicles and trams should be not less than 70%
  • glass of front door and front door windows (if any) shall be not less than 70%
  • other glass, glazing of roofs of the cars, moon roof, objects that shadow bands in the upper part of the windscreen (but not more than 25 mm from the top edge) shall be not less than 50%

Checking the toning of glass.

The transmittance of glass is checked by special devices, which are called taumeter. Please note that this device should annually pass special audit, have the certificate and the seal with the date of the inspection. Failure to comply with these conditions, it will not be difficult to prove your innocence and zero out the results of the check.

Who can check the tint?

State automobile inspector having taumeter has the right to "enlighten" Your glass and write out a fine.

How much is fine for tinting?

The size of the fine is 1000 rupees on first voilation and 2000 rupees on subsequent voilations, if caught within three years of  previous voilation. If You have a glass toning not according to IS and You do not want to constantly "feed "the traffic POLICE, it is necessary to think about the correction of this inconsistency.